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drink box and pulling out beer bottles and throwing the money to the attendant. Whole families lingered around doing this. All around there were shacks and drooping trees and a wild cinnamon smell in the air. Frantic teenage Mexican girls came by with boys. .Hoo!. yelled Dean. .Si! Maniana!. Music was coming from all sides, and all kinds of music. Stan and I drank several bottles of beer and got high. We were already almost out of America and yet definitely in it and in the middle of where its maddest. Hotrods blew by. San Antonio, ah-haa! .Now, men, listen to me - we might as well goof a coupla hours in San Antone and so we will go and find a hospital clinic for Stans arm and you a canada goose coat review nd I, Sal, will cut around and get these streets dug look at those hous canada goose coat review es across the street, you can see

school; Rabbit knows the way. You climb up through canada goose coat review the little grades and then get to the top and everybody cheers; with the sweat in your eyebrows you cant see very well and the noise swirls around you and lifts you up, and then youre out, not forgotten at first, just out, and it feels good and cool and free. Youre out, and sort of melt, and keep lifting, until you become like to these kids just one more piece of the sky of adults that hangs over them i canada goose coat review n the town, a piece that for some queer reason has clouded and visited them. Theyve not forgotten him: worse, they never heard of him. Yet in his time Rabbit was famous through the county; in basketball in his junior year he set a B-league scoring record that in his senior year he broke with a record that was not broken until four years

anxiousness. His dirty-milk face leans forward, scarred by a lopsided smile. There is a smell of whisky. Harry, Ive got a girl for you! Great. Bring her in. The old man laughs, uneasily? What does he mean? You mean Janice? Its after six oclock. Get up, get up, Harry; youve slept like a beautiful baby. Were going out. Why? Rabbit meant to ask Where? To eat, Harry, to dine. D, I, N, E. Rise, my boy. Arent you hun canada goose coat review gry? Hunger. Hunger. Hes madman. Oh Harry, you cant understand an old mans hunger, you eat and eat and its never the right food. You cant understand that. He walks to the window and looks down into the all canada goose coat review ey, his lumpy profile leaden in the dull light. Rabbit slides back the covers, angels his naked legs over the edge, and holds himself in a sitting position. The sight of his thighs,

lips comes off on her sweater when he kisses her breasts goodbye in the kitchen. He leaves her with the dishes. His car is waiting for him on Cherry Street in the cool spring noon mysteriously; it is as if a room of a house he owned had been detached and scuttled by this curb and now that the tide of night was out stood up glistening in the sand, slightly tilting but unharmed, ready to sail at the turn of a key. Under his rumpled dirty clothes his body feels clean, narrow, hollow. He has scored. The car smells of rubber and dust and painted metal hot in the sun: a sheath for the knife of himself. He cuts through the S canada goose coat review unday-stunned town, the soft rows of domestic brick, the banistered porches of wood. He drives around the southern fl canada goose coat review ank of Mt. Judge; its slope by the highway is dusted the

bother to answer him out of her huge face, magnified by his drowsy contentment. He repeats, Did I? and pinches her arm, hard. He hadnt meant to do it so hard; something angered him at the touch of her skin. The sullen way it yielded canada goose coat review . Ow. You son of a bitch. Still she lies there, paying more attention to the sun than him. He gets up on an elbow and looks across her dead body to the lighter figures of two sixteen-year-olds standing sipping orange crush from cardboard cones. The one in a white canada goose coat review strapless peeks up at him from sucking her straw with a brown glance, her skinny legs dark as a Negro. Her hipbones make gaunt peaks on either side of her flat belly. Oh all theworldloves you, Ruth says suddenly. What I wonder is why? Im lovable, he says. I mean why the hell you. Whats so special about

a doubting prayer; he fails to superimpose God upon the complexities of electricity. He concedes them their inviolable laws. Hope has vanished, he is hanging on out of despair, when the gnawing ringing stops, the metal is lifted, and openness, an impression of light and air, washes back through the wires to Eccles ear. Hello. A mans voice, but not Harrys. It is more sluggish and brutal than that of his friend. Is Harry Angstro canada goose coat review m there? Sunglasses mock his sunk heart; this isnot the number.Whos this?My name is Jack Eccles.Oh. Hi.Is that you, Harry? It didnt sound like you. Were you asleep?In a way.Harry, your wife has started to ha canada goose coat review ve the baby. Her mother calledhere around eight and I just got in. Eccles closes his eyes; in thedark tipping silence he feels his ministry, sum and substance,

to sell cars in and steps out at quarter of eleven into a broad blue Sunday morning a day before the summer solstice. He always enjoyed those people parading into church across from Ruths place and now he is one of them. Ahead of him is the first hour in over a week canada goose coat review when he wont be with a Springer, either Janice at home or her father at work. The job at the lot is easy enough, if it isnt any work for you to bend the truth. He feels exhausted by midafternoon. You see these clunkers come in wit canada goose coat review h 80,000 miles on them and the pistons so loose the oil just pours through and they get a washing and the speedometer tweaked back and you hear yourself saying this represents a real bargain. Hell ask forgiveness. He hates all the people on the street in dirty everyday clothes, advertising their belief

Rabbit returns to the house feeling depressed and dirtied by the visit. Totheros revelation chilled him. He wants to believe in the sky as the source of all dictates. Eccles comes later in the afternoon, to complete the arrangements for the funeral; it will be held tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday. As he leaves Rabbit catches his attention and they talk in the front hall a moment. What do you think? Rabbit canada goose coat review asks. About what? What shall I do? Eccles glances up nervously. His face has that pale babyish look of someone canada goose coat review who has not slept enough. Do what you are doing, he says. Be a good husband. A good father. Love what you have left. And thats enough? You mean to earn forgiveness? Im sure it is, carried out through a lifetime. I meanhes never before felt pleadingwith Eccles remember that thing we