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closed them tight. I myself was shaken like a puppet by it; I heard the trumpets flail the light I had seen and trembled in my boots. On the fast .Mambo Jambo. we danced frantically with the girls. Through our deliriums we began to discern their varying personalities. They were great girls. Strangely the wildest one was half Indian, half white, and came canada goose ottawa store from Venezuela, and only eighteen. S canada goose ottawa store he looked as if she came from a good family. What she was doing whoring in Mexico at that age and with that tender cheek and fair aspect, God knows. Some awful grief had driven her to it. She drank beyond all bounds. She threw down drinks when it seemed she was about to chuck up the last. She overturned glasses continually, the idea also being to make us spend as much money as possible. Wearing her flimsy

business he was ashamed of his daughter marrying somebody who had nothing but a 39 Nash he bought for $125 in the Army in Texas in 1953. Made him c canada goose ottawa store ough up a thousand he didnt have when the Nash had just had eighty dollars worth of work. That was the kind of thing. The Springers like to push you around. He opens the car from the passenger side, wincing at the pungof the brittle door spring and quickly ducking his head into the car. Praise be. Beneath the knobs for lights and wipers the octagon of the ignition key tells in silhouette. Bless that dope. Rabbit slithers in, closing the side door until metal touches metal but not slamming it. The front of canada goose ottawa store the stucco Springer house is still unlit. It reminds him for some reason of an abandoned ice-cream stand. He turns the key through On into

waiter whispers with the American girl, and out the glass door, Margaret first. The whole thing seems sosettled:like little wooden figures going in and out of a barometer. God, hes in sad shape.Who isnt? Ruth asks.You dont seem to be.I eat, is what you mean.No, listen, you have some kind of complex about big. Youre notfat. Youre right in proportion.She laughs, catches herself, looks at him, laughs again and squeezeshis arm and says, Rabbit, youre a Christian gentleman. Her canada goose ottawa store using his own name enters his ears with unsettling warmth.What she hit him for? he asks, giggling in fear that her hands,resting on his forearm, will playfully poke his side. He feels in hergrip the tension of this possibility.She likes to hit people. She once hit me.Yeah, but yo canada goose ottawa store u probably asked for it.She replaces her

porch imitating a Gr canada goose ottawa store eek temple, and a slate roof that shines like the scales of a big fish. Out back a wire fence encloses a yellow swing frame and a sandbox. A puppy yaps in this pen as Harry goes up the walk. The grass wears that intense greasy green that prom canada goose ottawa store ises rain, the color of grass in color snapshots. The place looks too cheerful to be right; Rabbit thinks of ministers as living in gloomy Lutheran houses. But a small plate above the fish-shaped door-knocker says in engraved script TheRectory. He bangs the fish twice and, after waiting, twice again. A crisp little number with speckled green eyes opens the door. What is it? Her voice as good as says, How dare you? As she adjusts her face to his height her eyes enlarge, displaying more of the vividly clear whites to which her bright

Harrys, a neat smooth button. How do you do, Father, he says; either he was raised as a Catholic or among Catholic canada goose ottawa store s. Mr. Angstrom, its very nice to meet you. T canada goose ottawa store he mans hand has tough ridges but a soft, dry palm. Weve been discussing your son. I feel terrible about that. Eccles believes him. Earl Angstrom has a gray, ragged look. This business has blighted him. He thins his lips across his slipping teeth like a man with stomach trouble biting back gas. He is being nibbled from within. Color has washed from his hair and eyes like cheap ink. A straight man, who has measured his life with the pica-stick and locked the forms tight, he has returned in the morning and found the type scrambled. He goes on and on about the girl as if she was the mother of Christ, Mrs. Angstrom says. Thats not true,

Lucy sits down opposite him at the table with a cup of her own. He said Im going to stop being naughty, Rabbit says. Yes. Hes overjoyed. He went out of here virtually singing. Its the first constructive thing he thinks hes done since he came to Mt. Judge. Rabbit yawns. Well I dont know what he did. I dont either, she says, but to hear him talk the whole thing was on his shoulders. This suggestion that hes been managed rubs Rabbit the wrong way. He feels his smile creak. Really? Did he talk about it? Oh, all the time. Hes ve canada goose ottawa store ry fond of you. I dont know why. Im just lovable. Thats what I keep hearing. You have poor old Mrs. canada goose ottawa store Smith wrapped around your little finger. She thinks youre marvellous. And you dont see it? Maybe Im not old enough. Maybe if I were sventy-three. She lifts the cup to her

raw and cozy and deep, and she thinks maybe a sip will cure her insomnia. Make her sleep until the scratch at the door awakens her and she sees his big, white body ramble in sheepishly and she canada goose ottawa store can say Cometobed, Harry,itsallright,dome,Iwanttoshareit,Ireallywantit,really. She puts just an inch of whisky in, and not much water because it would take too long to drink, and no ice cubes because the noise of the tray might wake up the children. She takes this dose to the window and stands looking down past the three tar roofs at the sleeping town. A canada goose ottawa store lready a few kitchen and bedroom lights show pale here and there. A car, its headlights dull discs that do not throw beams into the thinning darkness, eases down Wilbur Street toward the center of town. The highway, half-hidden by the silhouettes of

cella canada goose ottawa store rhole and the crumbled sandstone walls of a forgotten house. To his shrill annoyance at having lost his way and headed himself downhill again is added a clangorous fear, as if this ruined evidence of a human intrusion into a world of blind life tolls bells tha canada goose ottawa store t ring to the edges of the universe. The thought that this place was once self-conscious, that its land was tramped and cleared and known, blackens the air with ghosts that climb the ferny bank toward him like children clambering up from a grave. Perhaps there were children, fat girls in calico fetching water from a spring, boys scarring the trees with marks of play, growing old on boards stretched above the cellarhole, dying with a last look out the window at the bank where Rabbit stands. He feels more conspicuous and vulnerable